Seattle Snowmageddon 2019

Snow has finally melted in most areas… well, mostly in commercial areas, really. What does this mean? Residential areas are slowly thawing even though most of us have headed back to work.

Carriers such as USPS, FedEx, DHL, and even UPS are doing the best to get back on schedule to deliver packages and letters in a timely manner. Unfortunately, most residential areas are unsafe for the carriers to resume business as usual. Many passenger vehicles are equip, sometimes too well equip, for the snowy aftermath terrain. Carrier vehicles on the other hand are not well versed in snowy icy terrain.

Imagine driving in a residential neighborhood where your box truck (that doesn’t have a heater or heated seats) is too stubborn to cooperate with your outstanding 5 stars top of the line driving skills. You calculate multiple stances on various scenarios where you hope that the box truck your driving doesn’t hit a parked car– or worse property. Then you see hope: dry tarmac with no snow or ice in sight. You park your truck and with ambition you gather the packages. Once you step foot outside, you realize that the property hasn’t desnowed/deiced. So, you’re left contemplating if you should consider delivering the packages since you’re just a few feet away. On the other hand, as you stand there in the cold life flashes before your eyes and you think to yourself: should I risk my life? Is this breaking protocol?

Carriers have taken safety pro-cation by delaying transit due to weather conditions. By doing so, they have protected many causes that would have happen if transit were to resume during poor weather conditions. To help carriers resume, it is best advised to clear streets and pathways for them to deliver packages and letters to your mail receptacle or door step.