Penske Truck Rental

Goin’ Postal Bellevue is a Penske Truck Rental agent for the Bellevue area.

Our location specializes in one-way rentals | One-ways include unlimited miles

Pensle Truck Rentals
Penske Truck Rental provides safe, reliable, and clean trucks to get you and your belongings to your new place safely. With Penske Truck Rental, you can be confident that you will get the right truck and the right tools for a successful move.

We offer Penske truck rentals in 12’, 16’, 22’, and 26’ sizes, as well as car carriers and packing supplies. Call us today at (425) 562 – 5050 to rent a one-way Penske truck from Goin’ Postal Bellevue. Or call 1-800-GO-PENSKE (1-800-467-3675) to speak to a Penske specialist.

Protect Yourself
Most insurance companies do not offer coverage for truck rentals, but Penske has you covered! You can choose from limited liability waivers, personal accident insurance, supplemental liability insurance, cargo insurance, and towing insurance to help protect you and your belongings.

For more information on Penske Truck Rentals or to make an online Penske Truck Reservation, visit

Penske Bellevue Operating Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 8:30am to 12pm
Sunday: Closed

Towing Guide

24/7 Penske Roadside Assistance 1-800-526-0798