How to keep your old phone number

Interested in Ultra, Lyca or H20? And you wanna keep your old phone number? Is that even possible? YES, it is!

Before you stop by Goin’ Postal Bellevue, please contact your current phone provider that you are wanting to port-out. But, you’re probably asking yourself why should you even bother. Simple, phone numbers nowadays are basically a second form of our personal identity. We use it in grocery stores to keep those points, even pumping gas, dentist offices look us up based on our phone numbers. Truth be told, phone numbers are like public social security numbers.

To keep phone numbers safe, please call your current phone carrier that you are porting out. They will ask you to verify that you’re you before releasing your account information that is needed to transfer over to your new phone carrier.

After you obtain this information stop by our office to purchase your new sim card and plan (cash only).