Mailbox Rental FAQ

  • What will my address look like? Will it be a PO Box?
    You will have an actual street address, not a PO Box. It will look something like this:
    Your Name or Company
    14725 NE 20th Street Suite D
    PMB xxxxx

    Bellevue WA 98007

  • What is the difference between you and the actual Post Office?
    A PO Box only enables you to receive items strictly via USPS. With us you will have an actual street address which enables you to receive packages and letters from FedEx, DHL, UPS, and the US Postal Service.

  • Why do I need to complete Form 1583?
    It’s a USPS Regulation, and it is required for us to accept mail on your behalf. We comply with all regulations and take no shortcuts when it comes to the protection of your mail.

  • Why Do I need to present 2 forms of ID?
    To ensure the security of your account.

  • Do I need to get this form notarized?
    Yes. Only if you’re unable to visit our location to complete this form. The US Postal Service requires that the form be notarized if you cannot visit the physical location of the mailbox agent. You also need to bring you 2 forms of ID when visiting the notary.

  • What if I want something forwarded? Can it be shipped internationally?
    We can ship your items to the forwarding address of your choice, additional shipping charges applies. You can also forward something internationally. However, we will have to make sure the items you’re forwarding complies with the destination country’s regulation along with USA’s transportation laws.

  • Do you ship to APO addresses? How about the US Territories? What countries do you ship to?
    Yes, we can ship to APO and US Territories. We can ship to +220 countries, except for sanctioned countries. Please call us for more details.

  • Do you accept certified mail? Signature upon delivery as well? How about COD shipments?
    We accept certified mail, registered mail, and items that require signature upon delivery. There is no additional charge for this service as long as we have your explicit confirmation before receiving such shipments.We do not accept COD shipments.

  • I’ve ordered something that will be delivered on Saturday/Sunday. Can you accept my package?
    If your package will be delivered during our operating hours, then yes. We request you make sure to un-check Sunday delivery in your Amazon order otherwise USPS, Ontrac, or other Amazon Courier  (which will do just about anything to deliver for Amazon) might leave your box outside our building.
    Our operating hours are below:
    Monday to Friday:  8am to 6pm
    Saturday: 8am to 3:30pm
    Sunday: Closed

  • I got an ‘undelivered/unable to accept package’ message from the shipper when they attempted to deliver my package. Why was my package not accepted?
    Since your address is a street address (not a PO Box), shippers will most likely assume it is an apartment/suite/home etc. and try to deliver on the weekends. We are closed on Sundays and for safety reasons we do not allow the shippers leave the boxes behind. That’s the only time you will get a notice for non-delivery- on days we are off (weekends/holidays) or if shippers try to deliver outside of our business hours.

  • Will I become a resident of Washington State because I have an address there?
    Opening a mailbox enables you to have a new mailing address. To the best of our knowledge, you need an actual place of residence to prove residency.